Tired of Working 40/40/40?

Tired of Working 40/40/40?

For those who simply do not want to work Plan A – the 40/40/40 Plan!

What is that plan?

Most people work at least 40 hours per week for at least 40 years in hopes of getting $800 to $1,000 per month From Social Security, which normally is about 40% of what you earned while working! If you can’t get by now on what you earn, how are you going to get by on 40% of that monthly amount?

This too is considering that Social Security is going to be here for us, and if they don’t raise the retirement age so high that we all go to heaven before we can collect! Not a good option in my opinion.

Plan B – Learn how to take care of your own Financial Future and retire much sooner than the typical 40 year Plan A! Banks are paying 1.22% interest, and we are currently getting 34% returns in just 28 days on this account that was set up for our friend! That is correct, 34% rate of return in just 28 Days!!! It is Impossible Not To Earn Money Here!!!

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