sow and reap

Sowing and Reaping

2 Corinthians 9:6-10 talks about sowing and reaping. The following verses are God’s challenge through his servant Paul, to His people to cease every opportunity (God- given opportunities) to be generous. Being generous in the work of God has corresponding blessings; however, one can only do so when he understands that he can never out give God. If we sow, sparingly, we reap sparingly; but he who sows generously will reap generously. 

The sowing and reaping principle is not about the amount as this is where we commonly make mistakes. God is not someone who will bless if we give a larger amount, more beautiful donations, etc. it simply is not about that. The sowing and reaping principle is measured on our willingness to give and the attitude by which we are giving. What attitude then should we show? Well, cheerfully! We must give cheerfully, someone who gives cheerfully, gives with total willingness. And, God loves the cheerful giver! 

Bear in mind that God is able to make every grace overflow to us so that in every way, ALWAYS HAVING EVERYTHING we NEED we may EXCEL in EVERY GOOD WORK. We have what we need and even blessed with more than enough so we can bless others. God does not stop with that though, He will multiply our seed and increase the harvest of our righteousness. When the Lord gives us an opportunity to be generous, seize that opportunity and sow generously! Do not be haughty, do not just keep on focusing on yourself. We are blessed to bless!