planting trees

Reclaiming the Gift of Trees

I am so envious of movies where I can see people chilling under the shade of a huge tree, not doing anything, just lying or sitting down or maybe having a picnic, already comforted by the presence of the tree. It’s so hard to find a place like that nowadays, the experience seems to be a luxury now. And so, it’s just so practical that whenever we have the chance to do something and make experiences like these happen again, we must grab it!

Trees are gifts. A world without trees, well that world is boring, and of course, a place that we should not be. Trees have many uses – reduces erosion, moderates the climate, trees cleanse the air, and the forests, they provide habitat for animals and plants, and many more. Trees make the world a beautiful place therefore supporting my first statement that it’s a gift.

However, we have tampered with this gift so many times because we wanted other things. Like we wanted to have big buildings and then just topple down all those trees in that area (not that, buildings are bad). Now, we have lots of concrete things than the natural and we find ourselves missing all the things that we put aside for the things we wanted. Yes, that’s like me, wanting so much to relax under the shade of a tree or get closer to nature only to find buildings, buildings, buildings, and concrete things here and there.

Now, it’s not too late, we still have the resources that we can use so we can start reclaiming what’s lost. We’ve got seeds we can plant and see it grow into trees with the proper care we commit to giving it. There are lots of opportunities like this and if you’re clueless we can introduce you to what you can do.